Posted in September 2018

strengths and meaningful life

As we continue our work with students on their strengths this week, I just read an article that addresses the relationship between character strengths and living a meaningful life. The author found research that supports the notion that there are three character strengths that have been found as most important to living a meaningful life.  … Continue reading

week 7 coaching course

As we continue to emphasize the “know yourself” part of our rules for success, this week’s coaching course focuses on strengths – character strengths (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement strengths (StrengthsFinder/StrengthsQuest). First, definitions of strengths, character strengths, and engagement strengths: A strength is the ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in … Continue reading

breaking bad habits (without willpower)

In many of the workshops/trainings I facilitate, one of the last activities has them identifying one thing they’d like to eliminate (typically, a bad habit) from their life.  Once identified, I provide them worksheets to work on changing it over the course of a week or – for the more ambitious – a month. One … Continue reading

how to live wisely

I’ve been grappling with the value of self-awareness for a few days now, even posting a few questions on several listervs to try to gain clarity on the issue. I was thinking back to the decision why I decided to teach our “What Could I Do With My Life?” course in the first place.  In … Continue reading

benefits of core values

In the post yesterday, I shared the value tags activity we’re doing in class this semester. We’ve been getting some interesting feedback from the students; several shared that this activity confirms their desire to switch their major.  A few asked if they could keep the value tags so that they can have their partner, roommate, … Continue reading

week 6 coaching course

This week, students will be engaged in, what I believe, one of the most important activities they will do in this coaching class. Students will be asked to identify the things that are most important in their lives – their personal core values.  On the coaching/class site, I have an extensive write-up on the importance … Continue reading