Posted in September 2018

strengths and meaningful life

As we continue our work with students on their strengths this week, I just read an article that addresses the relationship between character strengths and living a meaningful life. The author found research that supports the notion that there are three character strengths that have been found as most important to living a meaningful life.  … Continue reading

week 7 coaching course

As we continue to emphasize the “know yourself” part of our rules for success, this week’s coaching course focuses on strengths – character strengths (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement strengths (StrengthsFinder/StrengthsQuest). First, definitions of strengths, character strengths, and engagement strengths: A strength is the ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in … Continue reading

breaking bad habits (without willpower)

In many of the workshops/trainings I facilitate, one of the last activities has them identifying one thing they’d like to eliminate (typically, a bad habit) from their life.  Once identified, I provide them worksheets to work on changing it over the course of a week or – for the more ambitious – a month. One … Continue reading

how to live wisely

I’ve been grappling with the value of self-awareness for a few days now, even posting a few questions on several listervs to try to gain clarity on the issue. I was thinking back to the decision why I decided to teach our “What Could I Do With My Life?” course in the first place.  In … Continue reading

motivating life rules

I just came across the article in my Inbox: “13 Life Rules to Keep You Motivated” – I’m always intrigued by articles that include lists of “things” – at least things that matter. I liked this one; many of the rules are common sense, but sometimes we need to get our minds refreshed by … Continue reading

benefits of core values

In the post yesterday, I shared the value tags activity we’re doing in class this semester. We’ve been getting some interesting feedback from the students; several shared that this activity confirms their desire to switch their major.  A few asked if they could keep the value tags so that they can have their partner, roommate, … Continue reading

week 6 coaching course

This week, students will be engaged in, what I believe, one of the most important activities they will do in this coaching class. Students will be asked to identify the things that are most important in their lives – their personal core values.  On the coaching/class site, I have an extensive write-up on the importance … Continue reading

an interesting life skill

Disclaimer…if you have a disdain for profanity, exit now. I received this article yesterday, read it, and shared it with a couple of close confidants here at work.  Funny, they shared that some of the points the author makes about being an asshole fit me well.  And I just thought it was because I was … Continue reading

what teachers make

Although we have to work today, the University decided to cancel classes today.  So I decided to catch up with some grading, answers many e-mails, and plan for the next couple of weeks of classes. During a little break, I decided to comb through old files/links that I could share.  I found one to share … Continue reading

how to break 100…90…80

We’ll be covering personal core values this week, but I thought I would give a preview on one of my core values in this blog post. To know me is to understand that my personal core values are what guide my life.  They are what guide my actions and decisions on a daily basis.  My … Continue reading