live boldly, take risks

As I go through hundreds and hundreds of e-mails while I was away for a week, I came across a great article about living boldly and taking risks.  It’s hard to imagine that in 78 days, 2018 will be in the past and 2019 will be upon us.  Wow, time is flying right by!

I’ve been asking myself, “What do I want 2019 to look like for me?”  It’s a hard question, especially since I will enter my 30th year as an employee in higher education.  another WOW!  In those 30 years, I’ve worked with first-year students for 29 of those years – and have noticed that, for the most part, things have stayed relatively the same.  Yes, technology has become significantly better, but I would argue not necessarily for the better.  I think with more access to information means the game of life becomes harder because the expectations are greater.  Just my opinion…

So, as I begin to think about 2019, I thought this article is one (of many) that’s getting me to think about my role and my future in higher education.  What does “living boldly” mean for me, on back end towards retirement?  Regardless of where you are in life, check out the article, since I believe living boldly and taking risks can apply to all of us trying to decide “what’s next?”


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