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Today’s article starts off with the one of the best quotes: “Look in the mirror—that’s your competition.”

So, what do you need to do to reach your personal best?  I love how the article starts with a sports-related story, something that I can identify with fully.

I must admit, as I competed in both golf and tennis earlier this spring and summer, I realized that I was SO focused on the goal (winning) that I lost sight of the fact that I was becoming better – or worse, depending on how much pressure I put on myself on the final result.  For example, I’ve been so focused on breaking 80, that I didn’t notice that I was keeping more balls in play and becoming more consistent.  And coincidentally, I was losing less balls per round!  But I saw each round as a failure because I didn’t break 80.  I’ve been as low as 82, but never lower.  In fact, I just read an article that stated that only 15% to 20% of golfers have ever shot below 80 – and only 2-5% of golfers can break 80 consistently.  Considering that I’ve only been at this for 2 summers, I think shooting in the mid to high 80’s consistently is a good thing.  I desperately need a change in my mindset, especially when I watched my playing partner (Betsy M) shoot a 79 two weekends ago.  She’s a great model to follow – every shot, straight and down the middle.

So, this article REALLY provided me some insight on how I need to approach not only golf, but tennis and my life as well.

Earlier this year, I was so focused on winning, that I neglected the part that I actually needed to do deliberate (or purposeful) practice – which would definitely help!  Duh!

So, if you want to achieve your personal best, check out the article:

Is there something that you want to achieve as your personal best?  Look in the mirror – and you’ll see your biggest competitor!


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