the life you want

Have you ever wondered, “What do you want for your life?”  It’s one of these questions I’m asking myself more and more now, as I explore the possibility of starting a new (or the next) chapter in my life.  What do I want the next 10-15 years of my life to look like, as I get closer to retirement – whatever that means.

I’ll be putting together a Career Calling Mind Map over the next few weeks as I prepare for 2019 – and beyond.  As I construct my map, I found an article that really helped me think about what I want and how bad do I want it?  Are you exploring right now, trying to decide what’s next?  If so, check out this article:

Of the five points raised in the article, my definite favorite: #1: Know Your Why.  No matter what I decide, it really starts with the “why.”

What do you want for your life…and how bad do YOU want it?

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