people you need

Relationships matter.

In my class yesterday, one of my students shared (after our “Are You Living Your Best Life” Self-Assessment) that she just decided cut off several people in her life the past weekend because she realized they weren’t truly her friends.  You could tell in her voice that this decision had a great impact on her life.

She then asked me what she should look for in relationships – not only in her love life, but as friends as well.  Although I shared a few thoughts, I also told her that I’ll give her better answer next class.   And then God kicked in and sent me the following article this morning – which I forwarded to her.

If you’re trying to decide what kind of people you want in your life, here’s an article that might be a good start:

As I continue to build my support group/tribe, I have at least one person from each category.  If you want a challenge, see if you can find nine different people for each of the nine categories that can support you, challenge you, and help you grow and be successful.

Go do it!

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