overcome your demons

Yesterday morning, one of my Inbox “greetings” was from one of my favorite authors, Mark Manson.  I’ve always LOVED his writing style because he writes the way I think – and finds such eloquent ways to speak my language.

When I saw the title, “How to Overcome Your Demons,” I wanted to find an appropriate time to read the article, since I believed would be a more mind-blowing than his other articles (it was).  We – including me – have our demons, and most try to either bury or ignore them.

I decided to wait until I got home to read it, so that I could share it with my wife Rebecca (who is a child and family therapist) and get her thoughts.  She really liked the article; she also shared that it sounded a lot like me.  All I could do is smile…

Here’s the article:

Want a funny image?  Image your demon is Morgan Freeman.  Read the article and see why I think it’s funny…

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