As the Fall Semester closes, I had an interesting conversation with one of my students.  For two of my classes, I had the students write down the answers to “What’s your definition of happiness?” and “What’s your definition of success?” – since these were two of the five most important values as stated by our students.

One of my students came to me and asked, “I don’t think I live for happiness, but it’s for something that I can’t seem to explain.”  I shared with him that I’m not happy, but content, because my work and my play are one of the same – and I could do it all day, every day.  Coincidentally, this article was sent to me describing EXACTLY my feelings – I am not striving for happiness, but for usefulness.  Here’s the article:

What Darius shared in his article describes me perfectly!  I read to find nuggets to not only be a better me, but to share with others so they can also be better.

Imagine if we could have our young people adopt this mindset – and how much better our world would be!

So, what about you?

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