a life’s work

Since we’ve been asked to work from home several weeks ago, I’ve been spending time a lot of time reading new books, which have inspired me to create and/or modify the tools we use in our Design Your Life classes.  Typically, for each class, I find a video that delivers an inspirational message to support the theme.

For the past two days, I’ve been working on the bridge between defining Meaningful Work and connecting it to Life’s Work.  In my search for videos, I came across this video that not only made my heart sing, but brought tears to my ears.  This beautiful video addresses what “A Life’s Work” really means.  As you watch the video, would you define what you’re currently doing as “Life’s Work?”  Here’s the link:

It made me realize that I am truly engaged in doing my life’s work, not only as I transform the lives of others, but also as I transform my own life.  How about you?

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