the year of you, day 16

January 16, 2021

Meditation: Thought Museum (Liquid Mind) –

Question: How is your life different today to how you imagined it would be when you were younger?

Answer: When I was younger, I thought I would be an athlete. I was extremely athletic growing up; and like most black males in an urban environment, the two sports I played were football and basketball. In middle school, our neighborhood organized various sports-related games (tackle football – no equipment, basketball, street hockey, stickball, etc.) against other neighborhoods in our town. I was the unofficial “captain” for our neighborhood, since I was the oldest and one of the better players on our team. Once I got to high school, I decided to try out for football my freshman year – and a week into practice, had to quit because of severe dehydration. Tried out for basketball three times – broke my hand (year 1), my wrist (year 2), and my ankle (year 3) during try-outs. That put an end to my organized athletic endeavors. So, what do you do when you planned on being a professional athlete (think back to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson – same name, different person)? You go to college because that’s what you’re suppose to do – and because my mom told me I HAD to go. Other than sports, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I was interested in. Did the physical education major, but hated the thought about being a teacher. Ended up majoring in Recreation and Parks Administration because their motto was “Paid to Play.” Worked for me, although it didn’t sit well with my parents. Dad was in accounting, mom was into science and management, so those were preferred choices. Stayed in Parks and Rec, became a personal trainer (and a mean one at that), and still lost. Given the opportunity to go for my Masters and Doctorate – finished the Masters, quit the Doctorate after a year and a half to become an academic advisor. And I have been working in college ever since. In fact, I have been residing on a college campus every year since 1981! Hard to imagine that it’s coming on 40 years – since my high school graduation and when I first started college!

To be honest, I didn’t have an idea what I really wanted to do up until my second year in a doctoral program. All I knew and loved was sports! Just trying to live and survive was enough for me. NEVER had a teacher that inspired me or made a significant difference in my life. I guess that’s why I’m SOOOO passionate (more like obsessed) about life design catalyst work – because I want to be the person I needed when I was younger. I hope that I have become that person, because I really love doing this work and cannot imagine doing anything else.


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