the purpose journey…

I know, another writing on purpose, right? It’s always such an interesting topic, especially when it’s one of those things that people want to find.

Well, even if you don’t ever “find” your purpose, you can still have purpose and live a purposeful life.  If you believe in the definition that purpose is: (1) becoming the best version of yourself, and (2) profoundly serving others, then you can always live with purpose.

My dear friend Denise sent the following article to me, with the premise that purpose is not a destination, but a (never-ending) journey and practice.  Here’s the article:

As I read the article, it made me think about purpose – and its path throughout my life. One of the things that has been consistent in my life is helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible. As I get older, I find myself still trying to help people achieve more than they ever thought possible, whether it’s my family and friends, my Life Design Catalyst Tribe, or my students.  And even in my late 50’s, I’m still on the quest to become a better version of myself and to profoundly serve others.

Are you?


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