the year of you, day 20

January 20, 2021

Meditation: Lullaby for Grown Ups (Liquid Mind) –

Question: Would you describe your glass as half full or half empty?

Answer: First, a definition. Glass half full: A person views the situation optimistically or hopefully. Glass half empty: A person views the situation with pessimism or negatively. I am definitely a person that sees the glass half full. For example, I actually saw the pandemic as a positive for me personally because I had to reframe my work – both in my job and in the business. In my job, I was forced to turn my in-person classes to online classes – and they turned out better than I thought. In the business, we created online courses and an online membership so that we could find a way to generate additional revenue. It also provided me the impetus to create online trainings,, which wasn’t as bad a I imagined. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my goal is to minimize expectations and maximize appreciation, which would be looking at the glass as half-full. I feel very fortunate and appreciative to have such great, positive things in my life right now.

Other Stuff

A couple of hours ago, I finished teaching my first Side Hustle 101 course. It’s one of the few courses that’s always interesting to teach because you never know what you’re going to get. And this will be the first semester I’m doing it online, although it will be mostly asynchronous (we’ll have optional meetings on Mondays).

The students seemed excited about creating their own Side Hustles this semester. The hard part is that it’s a 7-week course; but I have a process that they can follow to help them create something that generates income in 4 weeks or less. Let’s see how it goes. If you’re interested in creating a Side Hustle yourself, here are two great article that you might find handy (my students are required to read them both):

At some point, I’ll be doing Side Hustle classes for those interested in starting something on the side. Creating a Side Hustle can be a fun and profitable project that could be a life-changing for many of you!



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