the year of you, day 55

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (Day 55)

Meditation Music: Through My Eyes: Liquid Mind (6:45) –

Question: What is one of the biggest mistakes your past self has made, and what did you learn from it?

Answer: It’s an interesting question to answer because I believe everything happens for a reason. Big mistakes happen because they are telling you not to go in that direction and go a different path. For example, working in the Dean of Students Office at William and Mary was a mistake for me because it wasn’t the right type of job for me; however, being in that job made me define what I really wanted to do for my meaningful work. Even getting into and out of relationships aren’t necessarily mistakes, just knowledge determining the right and wrong people for you. And I believe regret is different than mistakes; for example, regret is not saying or doing things that you should have done at the time – and then that time is gone. Mistakes are things that don’t go your way, but you can pull up your pants and do something different. You might think getting married and divorced is a mistake, but that mistake brought us two beautiful daughters, so is it really a mistake? If you lose or quit a job that doesn’t feed your soul, is it a mistake if you take the things you learned from that job and get a better job or start something on your own? Mistakes could be hidden gold mines, if you look hard enough. Right now, I’m at sort of a crossroad in both my personal and professional life – and I know mistakes will be made in this process. But I would rather make mistakes and keep moving forward than staying stuck and waiting for something or someone else to control my destiny. Would love to hear your thoughts about this question.

Other Stuff

And speaking of professional life, I’m going to share one of my five favorite videos of all time. And to make my top five list, it must be pretty special because I have watched thousands and thousands of videos over time. But this one I’ve watched more recently because the message fits so well with what’s going on in my head right now regarding my current job. Nothing like being in a state of limbo despite doing transformational work. Anyway, here’s the video that’s helping me keep my head above water:

Greatest takeaways:

  • Don’t discard.
  • Lead with what you love.
  • Bend it until it breaks.

Watch the video to understand what they mean.

If you’re at a crossroads in your job/work, watch this video.



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