the year of you, day 89

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 (Day 89)

Meditation Music: The Treasure: Aeoliah (7:08) –

Question: What are your favorite noises? And your least favorite?

Answer: Favorite noises: (1) When I hear Laci (our dog) howl when I get home. Not a bark, just a long howl. So funny. (2) When I hear the train coming while I’m sitting at the light. Always a joy when watching the train come by. (3) The sound when you hit a golf ball on the center of the face. Very few things compare when you hit a ball flush.

Least favorite noises: (1) When the train is coming by at 2am and you can’t sleep. We can’t leave the windows open at night because it sounds like the train is coming through our house. (2) When cars crash. The screeching of the tires then the crash makes my stomach turn.

Other Stuff

For anyone who has though about leaving their job, here’s an interesting article I read this morning:

The one (of three) suggestions that resonated with me the most was “Foster a culture of recognition.” It’s the one thing that would go a LONG way to help people feel appreciated – even once in a while!

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