the year of you, day 127

Friday, May 7, 2021 (Day 127)

Meditation Music for the week: Touching Calm: Liquid Mind (7:44) –

Question: Would you prefer to be a jack-of-all-trades or a master of one?

Answer: It depends on how you define “master of one.” Although Life Design Catalyst (LDC) work incorporates/explores lots of different areas, such as personal development and entrepreneurship, I still consider LDC work as a “master of one.” Right now, I would love to add financial literacy and relationships work to the LDC Program, but I cannot take the time to do those things, as well as create new tools, facilitate trainings and workshops, etc. So I take what I do best and farm out the rest. Besides, that presents an opportunity for more people to get involved in a variety of capacities. Over time, I’ve read articles that support both styles; I tend to lean on the “master of one” side of the fence, only because I believe that people pay for expertise. If I’m looking to replace my roof, I want an expert in roofing, not someone who can handle all sorts of home repairs. In the same way, people bring me aboard to train their peeps on doing Life Design Catalyst work, not to do general academic advising and career development. Although I’m capable of doing both, I have create a SPECIFIC process that works for the students I teach/coach – and it’s very appealing to a handful of groups.

Other Stuff

This is a really interesting topic because yesterday afternoon I read a great article about doing work that matters. The author of the article shared that another favorite authors of mine, Seth Godin, shared 10 questions to answer to identify work that matters. I won’t share the 10 questions; I’m going to have you read the article here:

If you’re wondering what you should be doing as your “work,” check out the article – the 10 questions are awesome! Side note: My favorite questions is #5 – read the article if you want to know what the question is, but it’s one that I continually ask myself as I engage in Life Design Catalyst work.


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