the year of you, day 131

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (Day 131)

Meditation Music for the week: I Am Willing: Liquid Mind (7:56) –

Question: What, to you, is the difference between work and play?

Answer: And I would answer that question with a question: “Why do we always have to make a distinction between the two? For me, why can’t your work and your play be the same thing? Where you are always engaging your heart, mind, body, and soul in everything you do? I had this conversation with a friend yesterday where we talked about the blurred line between work and play, when we both shared our love for reading. It was a good laugh when we shared how much we read when we have down time vs watching TV or playing video games. Feeding the mind is always a joy, but it’s not for everyone. I read when I ride my indoor bike, I read when I first start work, I read when I want to relax during the day, and I sometimes read before I go to bed. There’s always something that I can pick up to improve what I do in my work. To be honest, however, my job has become more “work” and less “play” as they move more towards emphasizing registration, scheduling, and degree planning and away from life design catalyst work – becoming your best self and serving profoundly. But that’s okay, if it’s not in the plans at my current institution, I know this work will be valued somewhere else. And as I continue to share, I know n my heart that more people will get on board and “drink the Kool-Aid.”

As a side note, how would you make a distinction between your work and your “art,” where your art is the connection between the expression of your best self and how it’s shared with the world. So, what it your “art?”

Other Stuff

If your phone and social media has completely taken over your life, here’s a great article from Holstee on Digital Minimalism, a concept preached and written about by Cal Newport:

Since the start of the year, I’ve eliminated at least one-half of the newsletters, news feeds, listservs, and other media services that no longer served me. Being subscribed became more of a hassle than a help. Less messages in my Inbox is definitely a great thing!


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