the year of you, day 130

Monday, May 10, 2021 (Day 130)

Meditation Music for the week: I Am Willing: Liquid Mind (7:56) –

Question: Think of a big goal you’re working towards at the moment (or aspiring towards). How will you know when you’ve reached or completed it?

Answer: That’s an easy one! I know I have reached my goal when I have a Office/Center of Transitions and Transformation, where Stephanie (my business partner) and I can actually do Life Design Catalyst work for a variety of populations, and we’ll be able to spend out time coaching people to transform their lives and NO expectations of having to do registration, scheduling, and degree planning. When that happens, that’s when I know that I’ve accomplished this big goal. I’m excited about this opportunity, wherever it happens to be, because there’s such a need for people to not only seek answers for what they want to do and achieve, but then take action. And I believe that we are just the people to make that happen. I’ve always been of the mindset that you have to make things happen, instead of wait for thing to happen; and when you do good work and share it with the right people, good things (with a little grace) happen. I’ll keep creating/curating, I’ll keep sharing, and I’ll keep presenting – and the right opportunity will come. Once the Office/Center happens, then it’s just sharing the great work with others, over ad over, to make a difference. So the work never stops as long as I never stop, right?

Other Stuff

As you probably noticed, I have recently been reading and posting stuff on relationships; it’s a really BIG topic for me right now in my life. And it’s my hope that I can share a little of what I’ve found and what I’ve been reading to help even one other person. I read this article a few days ago and thought it would be good to share if you are looking for a partner – or trying to decide if your partner is right for you. Again, I believe these kinds of articles are must-reads for young people because most are aware of what to look for in a relationship (trust me on this one, it’s one of the conversations I have with students on a weekly basis). Actually, this is also a good one for adults navigating the relationship path. Read this for food for thought:

What I really like is her last sentence: “This is what to look for in a partner, sure. But it’s also what to look for in yourself.”


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