the year of you, day 135

Saturday, May 15, 2021 (Day 135)

Meditation Music for the week: I Am Willing: Liquid Mind (7:56) –

Question: What are you passionate about?

Answer: I am passionate about anything that’s around personal growth and development. When I would visit bookstores, the FIRST place I would visit is the self-help/personal growth section to see if there was anything new out there. Now, how’s this for passionate – I would go to Barnes and Noble, for example, check out the self-help/personal growth section of the bookstore. I would take pictures of the books I didn’t know and/or sound interesting, then go on Amazon to view the description, check out “Look Inside,” and read the reviews (would start at the 1-start reviews and work my up the list to 5-star reviews). If it’s something that I really liked, I would check to see the price on Amazon, then check the price on Barnes and Noble. I would then check to see if I have either a coupon for a book at Barnes and Noble or a discount (5% or 10% off, buy one get one 50% off, or some other discount). If I can get it right away, I would purchase it; if it’s too expensive, I’ll put it on my Amazon wish list. Anyway, that’s why I have so many books right now, because of this crazy method.

If self-help/personal development is #1, I would bet business/entrepreneurship is a close #2. I’ve been reading a lot about entrepreneurship and side hustle lately, so that’s another interesting topic for me. And because I’ve been able to create a curriculum based on Chris Guillibeau’s “Side Hustle” book, I have help numerous students at UNCG go from idea to income in about 7 weeks (and usually less). At some point, I’ll come up with my own curriculum, based on new stuff I’m reading as well as understanding what works and what doesn’t work.

More recently, I’ve been reading a lot on relationships, since that seems to be a very pressing “issue” in my life right now. It’s been interesting to see how all of this is connected, since a lot of this work starts with the question, “How do you see yourself?” Whether it’s personal growth, entrepreneurship, or relationships, it all starts with your view of yourself. And if that’s not a positive, none of the other stuff will work out well if you’re not sure and/or confident about who you are. In fact, I started reading a book this morning titled, “Swagger: Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want” by Leslie Ehm (you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents on Amazon; here’s the link:; I read the first five chapters this morning and loved the chapter on “Swagger and the Real You” – so much so that I think I’m going to incorporate one of the activities from this chapter in my workshop next week. And now you see why I read so much; always looking for nuggets!

So, does that also mean that I’m passionate about reading as well? And doing outside activities? Yes and yes.


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