the year of you, day 139

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 (Day 139)

Meditation Music for the week: Dreamland: Liquid Mind (8:01) –

Question: Describe one of your career goals. What is one thing you can do today to bring yourself closer to that goal?

Answer: My ONLY career goal right now is to create a place where I can do Life Design Catalyst work on a regular basis, preferably through an Office/Center for Transitions and Transformation. As I continue to have conversations with others from all over the country, and especially in North Carolina, I believe that Life Design Catalyst work can have a major impact on so, so many people. Imagine a world where EVERY young person, or anyone at a crossroads in life, had the opportunity to understand why they were put on this earth, which I would argue that it’s to explore and express the best version of themselves in service to something bigger than themselves. And this does not need to happen just in higher education, but in high schools, local communities, prisons, and so many other places. I can’t imagine going back and doing registration, scheduling, and degree planning when this bigger thing is calling me. I have to keep moving forward to make this happen in some way. On the bright side, at least I’m having conversations with multiple people to do this work in different settings; that’s a plus!


2 thoughts on “the year of you, day 139

  1. Hey there,

    Have you thought about contacting someone in the Department of Education? Now that there is a new administration, they may be open to something like this. Just a thought. ________________________________

    • Thanks for the insight. I actually have meetings with different schools/systems about my idea, so I think we’ll start with that. But it is exciting to think of the possibilities; my fire is even more stoked after my 2-day workshop at paradise valley community college in Phoenix, Arizona! But will definitely explore…

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