the year of you, day 143

Sunday, May 23, 2021 (Day 143)

NEW Meditation Music for the week: Whisper to Me: Liquid Mind (8:04) –

Question: Are you more of a team player or a lone wolf?

Answer: I would say that I’m more of a lone wolf than a team player, but it also depends on the context of the group. For most of the work I’ve done lately at UNCG, I’ve been more of a lone wolf (other than my work with my dear friend Megan Cayton) because there isn’t a “team” of people interested in what I provide or hearing what I have to say. However, when I’m around the Life Design Catalyst Tribe, I become much more of a team player. This is interesting, because I feel like I’ve had to be a lone wolf in order to get to this point in life. I feel like I’ve always had to put my nose to the grindstone and just plug away, doing much more than most of my colleagues just to be seen as equals. I will say that although I generally consider myself a lone wolf, I have become more of a team player, especially when it comes to the Life Design Catalyst work, as I’ve worked with my business partner Stephanie, and my dear many of my dear friends, including Alicia, Marianne, Andrea, Greg, Ashanti, Ivor, Denise, Valerie, Zitty, and a host of others. I think it’s easier to be a team player when you have their best interests at heart – and they have your best interest at heart. And I can tell you that it’s not always the case in our “work.” It’s easier to be a team player when you’re focused on serving the team well and on the greater good.

Other Stuff

I just wanted to say that it’s Week 21 of my workout regime…and I just passed the 3,000,000 step mark. That means I have 31 weeks to achieve the next 3,000,000 steps, which will be a little bit harder because I know that I have several trips and workshops coming up that won’t allow me to achieve 100,000 steps a week like the previous 20 out of 21 weeks. But I’ll keep focusing on 15,000 per day – and that will make it doable. Plus, I still have that goal of 1,000 miles walking and 3,000 miles biking…and I’m on track for those goals as well. I just need to keep moving forward which is going to be my theme for both my work and my life.

As a self-help junkie, I try to find nuggets that might help myself and others become better version of ourselves in order to profoundly serve something bigger than ourselves. Here’s another gem that you might find interesting:

My favorite is #7: Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. What’s your favorite?


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