the year of you, day 159

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 (Day 159)

Relaxing Music for the week: Renewal: Liquid Mind (8:11) –

Question: How do you feel about having children?

Answer: Been here, done that. No more children I had two daughters, Rebecca had one daughter, who now has 4 children (which means that Rebecca has four grandchildren). So, I want NOTHING to do with children – don’t want to be around them, don’t want them in my house, don’t have any desire to be with them. Everyone tells me that it will be different when I have grandchildren, but definitely not interested right now. I was thrilled to have Amanda and Bethany when I was younger, but now that they are grown, I’m good.

I’ve always wondered how long I’ve had this issue about being around children…but I know in college, when I was trying to decide on a major, one of the major reason why I didn’t want to pursue physical education (even though I loved sports) was that I had NO interest in teaching or coaching children. Interestingly enough., when we would have family gatherings (even to this day), I would hold babies, walk them around and talk to them because I actually didn’t want to be around the adults. And I always seemed to calm down crying babies, something that I realized when I had my daughters. I always enjoyed rocking them to sleep…it was very meditative. But then they get older, and they aren’t fun any more. Wait, there are two little girls in my neighborhood that are just adorable; they LOVE our dog Laci, so I always make sure they get to see her. What stands out for me is that they are very polite and have excellent manners – and that’s a HUGE plus for me. I can actually have really great conversations with both of them, which is funny. And I am one of the few adults that they are allowed to hang out with. So, maybe I’m softening up a little bit as I get older…

Other Stuff

I read this article this past weekend and forgot the post it. I liked it because I thought it was a great way to separate the people who actually accomplish their dreams vs those that just think about their dreams. I would consider myself more of a doer than a dreamer, more now than ever before. I think as I navigate this next chapter in my life, I’m forcing myself to be more of a doer, not waiting for stuff to happen to me, but making things happen. Here’s the article:

If you aren’t sure how you want to approach your dreams, read the article for insight to move forward!


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