the year of you, day 163

Saturday, June 12, 2021 (Day 163)

Relaxing Music for the week: Renewal: Liquid Mind (8:11) –

Question: Describe a recent compliment or piece of positive feedback you received that was meaningful to you.

Answer: Yesterday (Friday), I did a 30 minute presentation titled, “Bridging the Post-Secondary Gap” for the Emerging Workforce Committee, a part of Guildford County’s Workforce Development. It was an opportunity to share the Life Design Catalyst work with a group of new people who’ve never heard about our work. Needless to say, the presentation went well, with several people sharing with me that they thought LDC work was amazing! It’s always nice to hear, especially when it’s not appreciated by the people at UNCG. But I’m working hard to make connections with people outside UNCG just in case they decide not to invest in the work – and it’s growing. On Thursday, we finished up the last of the 4 days of our Life Design Catalyst Practitioner Training, and we now have another institution who plans to invest in LDC work – Tennessee State University – as part of their coaching program. And now, over the past month, we’ve had conversations with Arizona State University, the North Carolina Community College System, Guilford Workforce Development, and Tennessee State University, along with our current work with Paradise Valley Community College and Scottsdale Community College, both part of the Maricopa Community College District. So I will continue to connect with the LDC Tribe and additional institutions and systems until I can get someone or some place to say “we want to invest in your vision to create a Center for Transitions and Transformation.” It’s funny…during the Training this past week, several participants shared that they came to the Training to pick up tools to work with their students – and they ended up leaving with a plan for their own lives. How many trainings, conferences, workshops, have you attended where you actually get to work on your job AND yourself at the same time? And that’s what brings me joy, when I hear how valuable our Training has been at both the professional and personal level. So I’ll keep on moving forward, as I get ready for another trip to another institution interested in implementing this work on their campus. Yeah for Life Design Catalyst work!


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