the year of you, day 161

Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Day 161)

Relaxing Music for the week: Renewal: Liquid Mind (8:11) –

Question: What qualities do you believe are most important in friendships?

Answer: This is one of those “fun” questions, because I am very particular who I consider a friend. I do know that the first requirement for me is trust. In my world of trust, I need to that you’ll have my back as well as call me out when I’m being an asshole. That I know that if we’re together and at an event where I’m not comfortable, you won’t leave me alone to fend for myself. That we can have deep conversations, and even when we don’t agree, at least come to a mutual understanding that we can respect how we each see the world. There are only a few people that I can honestly call friends and they all fit these categories. I know there are other things that matter, but these are the things that are top of mind because they are things we’ve been talking about over the course of our Life Design Catalyst Training this week. Most of my closest friends are within the Life Design Catalyst Tribe; when we get together, we have some of the deepest, most meaningful conversations, conversations that feed my soul. I do have a few people in our neighborhood that I would consider friends, although I don’t know if I would consider them part of my inner circle. But maybe, at some point in the future, that could happen. Only time will tell!

Today is the last day of our Life Design Catalyst Training, so I’ll be able to spend more time researching articles and wisdom for “Other Stuff” starting tomorrow. If you’re looking for an interesting article to read and you’re in a leadership position, check this one out:

It’s an interesting article, since my goal is to create a Center for Transitions and Transformation. And this article supports one of the goals of developing “transformational” leaders, not transactional leaders. Yeah!


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