the year of you, day 164

Sunday, June 13, 2021 (Day 164)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Oneness: Liquid Mind (8:13) –

Question: What was the last compliment or piece of positive feedback you remember giving?

Answer: When I was at Bicycle Toy and Hobby Shop in High Point, NC yesterday (Saturday) morning to pick up my Schwinn Air Dyne, I shared how much I appreciated them and their service. I’ve had mostly problems with the original place where I purchased my Air Dyne. I know that I made a mistake in purchasing it from a “commercial fitness store” and should have gone to them in the first place. I shared with them that it just felt more like “home” and a “family” than the other place. For example, when I dropped it off last with and left it with Danny, we talked for at least 45 minutes about Air Dynes, biking, and the quality of equipment these days. Danny is almost 80 years old and still rides both his mountain bike and Air Dyne on most days. For me, I just want to be able to stand on my two feet, much less ride almost every day and work in a bike shop. Anyway, it was such a pleasant experience that I wanted to let them know that I appreciated them and their great work. You can bet that I will go there again for ANY of my biking needs – like when I get my road bike serviced, since it hasn’t been serviced for at least 5 years! One thing about me…when I find a place that I like, I will stick with them until they break that trust. Bicycle Toy and Hobby Shop just won me over!

Other Stuff

I was trying to decide whether to share an article I read about self-coaching or an article about relationships – so I decided to share both. I read these yesterday and found them both interesting; the self-coaching article was about asking yourself powerful questions. The relationship article was about relationship lessons. Instead of trying to pick one or the other, for today, I just decided to add both. And I’ll attach the pdf with the articles in case you can’t read them off (Side note: I purchased a year’s subscription to for $48 – one of my best buys for the year!) Here are the articles:

If you get a chance to read them, please share your thoughts…


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