the year of you, day 165

Monday, June 14, 2021 (Day 165)

Relaxing Music for the week: Oneness: Liquid Mind (8:13) –

Question: How do you feel about gossip?

Answer: Gossip sucks! For the most part, I stay out of gossip. I’ve always believed in the philosophy, “if it’s something you can’t say to a person’s face, don’t say it at all.” I just find it’s easier to not say anything…and I spend a lot of my time listening. I find that many times when someone is talking smack about another person, I find it easier to just try to change the conversation, to find something positive about the person they are complaining about. There isn’t much I have to say about gossiping, since it’s such a energy-draining activity.

So, I’m off on another trip, this time to facilitate a 2-day workshop/training on Life Design Catalyst work at Maysville Community and Technical College in Maysville, Kentucky. It’s a school I haven’t presented at before, so this will be a great new experience for me. I’m excited to share this work with a group of new people! I think I’m going to use this question as the theme: “What is it that you – and only you – can give to the world?” What if the goal of education was help help every person answer this question? There are so many good ones, so that think about that one.

As a dream coach, it’s always hard to find inspiring articles about pursuing one’s dreams. Well, I actually read an article on dreams that I absolutely LOVED! Thank you Dee Dee Patterson for your GREAT article on why you should chase your dreams now. In fact, I think I’m going to use your twelve reasons for a presentation I have to give on dreams! If you have dreams you want to accomplish in your life, then this is a must read!

There’s no time like to present to get started, right?


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