the year of you, day 197

Friday, July 16, 2021 (Day 197)

Relaxing Music for the week: The Joy of Quiet: Liquid Mind (8:47) –

Question: What do you need to hear today? What do you want to tell yourself?

Answer: It’s been an interesting start to my morning. I’ve been watching several videos on changing one’s self, through both changing your story and developing a vision for your future self. So, with the two writing prompts today, I’ve been thinking about two things: (1) What are the stories that I’m telling myself that’s keeping me from becoming the best version of myself, and (2) Do I have a vision of what my best self looks like at some point in the future? Not sure how I want to answer either question right now, but I will say that I know my future self wants to be engaged in Life Design Catalyst work in some capacity. As I look at the whiteboard in my office, although it’s only a one-year vision, it’s much better than what we have now, which is nothing. I’ve been wondering where I need to put my energy and time these days, saying yes to the things that are moving me forward and no to the things that are not moving me forward. But first, I have to get clear about what the “forward” actually is right now. If I had to tell myself something right now, it would be that I’m actually making a difference in the lives of others. I had a great day yesterday working with the students in the CHANCE Program at UNCG, coming up with inspiring mission statements. And I’m spending this morning answering emails and putting together new tools to help students gain even more clarity and direction in life AND feel like they are part of a family, as well as help tribe members do Life Design Catalyst work on their campuses better. That is what inspires me right now, so I’ll keep working with that for now.

Other Stuff

As I talk about work and career paths, I read this interesting article about career paths this morning, one that many people who read this blog could identify with.

It made me think about my path in higher education, not really knowing that I’d do ANYTHING in higher education until I got admitted into a Doctoral Program in Sociology at the University of Delaware way back in 1988. Back then, if you received a Doctorate, you were either going to teach or do research, so I assumed that I would teach – only to realize that I didn’t enjoy teaching back then. Very few start out thinking they want to work in a college setting when they start – the goal is always to get OUT of college, not stay IN college! Starting next month, I will have been on a college campus every Fall Semester since 1981 – for 40 years! Which also means that I graduated high school 40 years ago, which is amazing in itself!


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