the year of you, day 199

Sunday, July 18, 2021 (Day 199)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Shared Values: Liquid Mind (9:10) –

Question: What is the kindest thing you could do for yourself today?

Answer: I love the growth questions; they seem to be much more in-depth than the questions from the other months. I think the kindest thing I could do for myself today is to just appreciate the state of my life right now. The fact that I have a roof over my head, food on the table, great relationships, a job that pays the bills – those are all things to appreciate right now. When I was biking this morning (part of my ride was in the rain), I saw a homeless woman sitting until a covered bus stop bench…and I stopped thinking about being wet and thought more about what I have in my life. Every now and then you need to have a reality check. Yesterday, when I was playing pickleball, I had a woman tell me that she appreciated me being there because most male players wouldn’t play with her – and that I was willing to be her partner. Even thought I’m a beginner myself (it’s only my third time playing), these are always opportunities to help others learn and enjoy the game, just like I am right now. So there’s a lot for me to appreciate right now…and I just need to reflect and be thankful for everything in my life.

Side note: If you recall, my goal was to get to 6,000,000 steps this year. It’s the middle of July and I just passed 4,000,000 steps for the year. Two-thirds of the way to my yearly goal! Believe it or not, I’ve just recently passes the two-thirds yearly target for running/walking, biking, push-ups, and sit-ups for the year! Do you see the obsession now?


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