the year of you, day 203

Thursday, July 22, 2021 (Day 203)

Relaxing Music for the week: Shared Values: Liquid Mind (9:10) –

Question: Describe a recurring pattern in your life you’d like to change.

Answer: So this question is going to require some serious thought. After thinking about it some, I realized that I do have a recurring pattern that I’d like to change. As much as I’ve been able to achieve in my life, I still have that little nagging feeling that it’s never enough. For example, I was on a Zoom call where a panel talked about starting coaching programs on their campuses. I listened intently how various campuses started their programs (most within the past 2-3 years); I actually had to get off the call because we’ve had our program for 7 years, have a TON of data to back up its success – and not a single mention by anyone on the call. It first made me angry, then it made me disappointed because as much as I share with the group about coaching, it’s still not recognized by anyone in the advising group. It made me realize that my energy needs to be placed elsewhere, since that’s a group that doesn’t seem to appreciate the work. The same thing happens on my campus, where they create an academic coaching program and fund it with hundreds of thousands of dollars – and we have to fight just to keep our Life Design Catalyst Program around, even though it’s one of the more successful programs on campus. It seems like this recurring theme that I always have to fight to gain respect for this work. Today, I decided that I just need to focus my energy on places that appreciate the work, not on places that don’t. There’s no reason for me to have to compare what I do with others, because LDC work stands on its own merit – by virtue of it being used at so many different places. And I just have to be okay with that. I can’t compare with places like University of Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Florida State because they have the brand recognition – and I/we don’t. And that’s okay; we do have something that’s pretty good and I just need to accept that we’ll have our niche for LDC work and just live with that.

I just need to remember these points from Day 202’s “Other Stuff:”

  • Reframe any problems you face as opportunities.
  • Focus on what’s ahead, not what is in your way.
  • Get clear on your core and what makes you you.
  • Your story matters, but the vision is key.
  • Use your purpose as fuel for the impossible.
  • If someone doesn’t get what you’re doing, move on to those that do.
  • Think about how your work can live beyond you.

Okay, time to get my ass on track!

Other Stuff

Going again with The Happy Startup School (like yesterday), here’s another article that put a smile on my face:

Here’s what holds us back:

  • Not knowing if the idea is any good or worth pursuing.
  • Fear of failure (or in some cases success).
  • Judgement from others.
  • No idea where to start and how to turn ideas into action.
  • Too much attachment to one idea.
  • A lack of focus and accountability.
  • And #1: Limiting beliefs (the stories we tell ourselves)

Here’s how to get over them:

  1. I’ll be dead soon (and it really won’t matter them).
  2. Nobody cares (everyone is so busy with their own shit).
  3. I rarely regret doing something (but almost always regret not doing it).
  4. Someone, somewhere will benefit from this (so get over yourself).
  5. Great ideas come from average ones (progress is key).
  6. My job is to collect no’s.
  7. Procrastination is fear (so find a simple and fun place to start).
  8. Money is never a reason to stand still.
  9. You’re at Round 1 (and your job is only to get to Round 2).
  10. Nobody knows WTF they’re doing (so stop worrying and get on with it)

My favorites: #3, #4, #9, and #10. What about you?


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