the year of you, day 208

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 (Day 208)

Relaxing Music for the week: Hands of Love: Deuter (9:16) –

Question: What are you avoiding in your life right now? What would it look like to face it head on?

Answer: Another one of those probing, deep thinking questions. I’m avoiding yoga. When I think of all of the things that could make my body feel better, feel more alive, I know that doing yoga would make me feel more limber and loose. When I was doing it on a regular (3-4 times a week), I could tell that things engaging in sports and fitness activities were really easy for me; now, not so much. For example, I did my usual 8-mile morning walk yesterday and for the ENTIRE day, my body felt sore. In fact, it was even hard to get out of the chair a few times. My friends Megan said that I looked like an old, old man, hobbling around like I needed a cane or a walker. Not good. And I have everything set up at home to do a 15 minute yoga routine – it’s just a matter of getting my ass in gear.

On a side note: I think I’m trying to gain clarity about what it is that I REALLY want! I know that I love doing Life Design Catalyst work, but I feel like I’m trying to please everyone instead of just focusing the work on the two populations that I’m here to support and empower – (1) students, and (2) people who work with students (right now, advisors and coaches in higher education). I’ve been reading several entrepreneurship articles and books lately; I keep going back to my ideal “customer” – the population I want to serve that could benefit the most from LDC work. And it keeps going back to students and advisors. I’m going to start with the question, “What should I do with my life?” and see where that takes me, as I work with Donald Miller’s BrandScript template. That’s my project for today.

Other Stuff

After reading the article I shared with you yesterday about awe, I read another Eric Barker article that I thought would be useful to the readers of this blog. Here’s another interesting article that might be a gut punch:

I just love Eric’s writing style, not only because it’s sometimes in your face, but it’s always backed up by science. So, which of these harsh truths do you need to implement in order to be a better person? Here’s my takeaway, as one of his summary points: “You’re going to die. You have a deadline. Literally. So focus on what matters. And make sure to celebrate the good times. I’d rather have a shorter awesome life than a long, lousy one.”


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