the year of you, day 230

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 (Day 230)

Relaxing Music for the week: Sound of Invisible Waters: Deuter (9:32) –

Question: What is the most money you’ve every spent on something?

Answer: So sorry for the late post. It’s the first day of classes and I’m trying to get my head wrapped around teaching in-person again, since it’s the first time back in the classroom in a year and a half.

At first, I was going to answer that in terms of big item purchases, such as a house or a car. But I’m going to take a different approach with this – and not look at it in terms of a mortgage or some type of payment. I’m going to look at it in terms of something that I purchased for myself and/or Rebecca. I’ve been thinking long and hard…and I finally came up with “that thing.” The most money I’ve spent on something was a new air conditioning/heating unit. A couple of years ago, we had our heat go off in February, one of the colder months here in North Carolina. I spent close to $7,000 for a new unit, but it was something that we definitely needed. The fact that I had enough cash on hand MYSELF to pay cash for a unit was amazing in itself! Before that, I never that we were in a place where we could do something like that; now I think we can handle most insane emergencies. I’ve always preached to have at least $10,000 in our emergency fund account, for specific situations. I think in 2019, we had to pay something like $8,000 in taxes…and that was okay because we planned for it. I know Rebecca hasn’t been in a life situation where she’s been able to do that pre-Bill; today, it’s one of the most important rules that we have as partners!


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