the year of you, day 233

Saturday, August 21, 2021 (Day 233)

Relaxing Music for the week: Sound of Invisible Waters: Deuter (9:32) –

Question: What would you do if you ran out of money tomorrow?

Answer: Okay, this is definitely one of the more interesting questions for this section. To be honest, I would find a way to make money in some capacity, whether it’s selling my car, selling my sports cards, selling my sports equipment, etc. I’m not really one to ask for help – at least money help – so I would see if there are small jobs I could do to make a little cash, whether it’s cutting someone’s grass, walking their dogs, cleaning dog poop from their back yard, whatever. I know that I would need to find a way to pay the bills, then find some way to cover insurance, since I have to take pills for my blood clots. Would I still have a job? If so, then at least I have that. If not, then I’ll have to find something that could generate income and provide some type of benefits package. Of course, I would also look at things that I could do online as an option, since I’m already engaged in that endeavor. And I am not opposed to doing work as someone who cleans tables at restaurants (I don’t want to be the server/waiter) or stock shelves at Walmart or a supermarket (don’t want to be a cashier). Honestly, it’s just one of those things where you just gotta do what you gotta do to survive, right?

Other Stuff

I had this thought on my right this morning, after I heard (from our new boss, the Associate Dean) that our new Provost liked the way we named our Life Design Catalyst courses. She stated that she liked that the names of our courses actually addressed the things that might interest students, such as “What Could I Do With My life?” and “Side Hustle 101.”

As I was thinking about the “What Could I Do With My Life” course, I had the following thought:

  • “What SHOULD I Do With My Life” leads to expectations;
  • “What COULD I Do With My Life” leads to possibilities.

Nothing major, just an interesting thought about course titles. I’m looking at data this first week where we had the students fill out a survey asking them to identify five things they want from college. Preliminary results are interesting; I will post to this blog probably next week. Students are asking me, “What SHOULD I choose for a major?,” which really is what major am I expected to pursue; the correct question is, “What COULD I choose for a major?,” which allows for more than one possibility. For example, many of our students want to go to professional school – medical school, physical therapy school, physician assistant school, etc. If you ask what major SHOULD they pursue, most people would say “Biology or Chemistry.” If you as what major COULD they pursue, the answer would be “Anything you want.” Seems like the second option is better than the first, allowing students to think about majors aligned with their passion, interests, etc.

Interesting how the change of ONE WORD can either limit one’s options or open up to many possibilities.


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