the year of you, day 234

Sunday, August 22, 2021 (Day 234)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Illumination of the Heart: Deuter (9:41) –

Question: When have you felt at your poorest?

Answer: At first, I thought that would be a really hard question to answer, but then as I thought back about it, this was a really easy question. I was definitely at my poorest the Spring Semester of my (fifth-year) senior year. For some reason, I had to leave my dorm room – I can’t remember why, but I know that I didn’t have a place to live – and it was the semester where I had to do my Parks and Recreation internship about 15-20 miles off campus (Pike Creek Court Club) and I was taking one class (Business Finance). I didn’t have a car, a place to keep my stuff, or a meal plan. I remember one of my friends in college, Dino Ciliberti, let me keep my stuff in his room, as well as sleep in his room every now and then. Some nights I stayed in other friends apartments, sometimes I stayed in dorm lounges. For food, some days I was able to sneak in the dining halls, some days I ate food at Pike Creek Court Club, I remember eating a lot of Ramen Noodles for dinner, since they were REALLY cheap back them (like 5 or 10 cents per package). I remember my friends “Big O” and Paul Loftus getting me a locker at Carpenter Sports Building so I could keep a few things there and have a place to shower. I just found a way to survive, but I will tell you that it was a HARD semester! I was a really, really great worker at the court club, pretty much doing everything they asked me to do – serve as a personal trainer, work the front desk, work the food and beverage bar, I even served as a lifeguard! No, I was not a certified lifeguard, but this was the mid 80’s and they needed help. Yes, I did at least know how to swim. Anyway, Pike Creek actually allowed me to work more hours so I could have a little bit of spending money. I was also lucky because the University of Delaware Shuttle Bus would get me about 1-2 miles from the Club, so I only had to walk across the golf course to get to the club. I think there were only TWO occasions, because of the weather, where I couldn’t bike or take the bus to or from the Club. That’s right, I had to WALK the 15-20 miles from the Club to campus. Back then, I didn’t care…it was just one of these things I had to do. Once I finished the internship and graduated from college, I was able to rent a room close to the Club and work there full-time. But that’s another story. Needless to say, being homeless for a semester was definitely an experience to remember – and helps me appreciated everything that I have today.

Other Stuff

I know that this month is about money, but I thought I would share the following article because it’s another one that resonates with my soul. As UNCG embarks on the second week of classes, I know that the students I teach are focused on their major. The message in HHS125 I’ve been trying to emphasize is for them to NOT focus on the major, but instead focus on their mission. And then I read this article this morning that I thought was so appropriate, especially if you see Warren Buffet as a great model for success. Here’s the article:

If you believe that success leaves clues…and that Warren Buffet is successful, then maybe this is a good article to read. Key principle: Work for the LOVE of it!


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