the year of you, day 286

Thursday, October 14, 2021 (Day 286)

Relaxing Music for the week: Dream Ten: Liquid Mind (10:04) –

Question: Describe a time when you felt at your physical peak.

Answer: Let’s see…a time when I felt at my physical peak. Earlier this summer, I remember getting up at 5am and doing a 20-mile ride on my indoor trainer, working for 1/2 day, then going out and WALKING 18 holes of golf in 90+ degree heat and humidity – then came home and walked Laci for both her late afternoon and her before bed walks. Got in over 31,000 steps that day, which is definitely on the highest end for me. Yes, I have averaged 20,000 steps this year so far, but that was a little excessive for me. Yes, I felt tired by the end of the day, but it was almost like I had unlimited energy.

It would be nice to do that again, but I’m trying to get my body right again, after taking off five days from working out last week. I thought I would give my body a break, since I work out SO HARD when I’m home during the year. Unfortunately, I was SO OBSESSED with picking out a car that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. A poster session and two presentations didn’t help either. I guess since I don’t have a reason to be at my physical peak, there’s isn’t a drive to do what it takes. When I was doing running road races, triathlons, and tennis tournaments, it was important to be at my peak for the events; now, not so much. I feel like my workouts are more to maintain my fitness levels, not to improve my fitness levels. Maybe I need something BIG for me to do to make my workouts mean something. Let me think about that one…

Other Stuff

Since this month’s topic is about health and well-being, I thought I would share this article about self-care and self-care practices. Here’s the link:

One of my complaints about higher education is that article after article after article is focused on the mental health of our students, trying to address the increases in young people seeking services in record numbers. My question: How can you just focus on ONE ASPECT of health (mental), without addressing the other three areas – physical, emotional, and spiritual? And you would think, being in a School of Health and Human Sciences, that we would take the lead and address/promote ALL aspects of health and well-being, not just mental health. In our classes this semester, we’re trying to incorporate meditation, journaling, purpose work, and connection, which have all been found to increase overall health and well-being and decrease mental health challenges. And yet, the School of HHS and UNCG do not believe that Life Design Catalyst work should exist at our institution. Really?

If your institution is looking for a creative, innovative person to create a holistic, student-focused experience, I’m your guy!


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