the year of you, day 288

Saturday, October 16, 2021 (Day 288)

Relaxing Music for the week: Dream Ten: Liquid Mind (10:04) –

Question: Make a list of 10 physical activities or hobbies you’d like to try one day.

Answer: Actually, I don’t have an interest in trying anything new right now, since I truly enjoy what I’m doing right now. However, I was thinking about this during my morning workout; I have two kettlebells in my basement and would love to start doing some type of activity with them, even in my office during work hours. So that would be the physical activity. As far as a “hobby” goes, my brain instantly goes to making videos on LDC work for YouTube. Just little 3-5 minute snippets not only on the various activities that we do, but also a few words on some of the thoughts I have about higher education, entrepreneurship, and young people. That’s really all I have an interest in exploring right now, especially since I want to create something that matters to me, at least with regards to LDC work. More on that another time…


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