the year of you, day 290

Monday, October 18, 2021 (Day 290)

Relaxing Music for the week: Meditation: Liquid Mind (10:05) –

Question: How do you think your emotions and beliefs affect your physical health?

Answer: My emotions and beliefs play a HUGE role in how it affects my physical health. Everything about my human-being-ness is connected together, so one area of my life affects every other area in my life, positive and negative. Negative emotions and beliefs will lead to issues with my physical health; positive emotions and beliefs will lead to benefits to my physical health. What I try to do is push through workouts when I’m dealing with negative emotions and beliefs, with the thought that a workout will most likely leave me in a neutral state vs negative state. Last week, when I was feeling crappy and lethargic, I still got my ass up at 4:15am and did my 8.3 mile walk in the morning. I kept telling myself that the true measure of a person is not what they can do when feeling good, but what they can accomplish when feeling crappy. And even though it was a slow walk and I still didn’t feel better when I was done, I told myself that at least you got through it, which 90% of the population wouldn’t do. So that gave me a little pep in my step once I finished my stretching. As far as beliefs go, I am generally a positive, optimistic person; I believe this attitude has helped me get through some of the toughest times, especially in 2021. I was sharing with Rebecca last night that between our “relationship issues” at the beginning of the year, my job situation at UNCG, and then most recently, my car between totaled, it’s been one heck of a year! And yet, here I am, still going strong, still writing these posts, and still committed to doing Life Design Catalyst work. And that keeps me going through good times and bad. And all of this has had a positive affect on my physical health!

Other Stuff

I’ve been slacking by not posting interesting articles or notes about other stuff. This morning, I had a few minutes to read a great article by Eric Barker, one of the few people that I subscribe to because I always seem to find value in his postings. Here’s one that might catch your attention:

Hint: It’s curiosity. And I would argue that it’s a lost art! Curiosity is what made Life Design Catalyst work what it is today. If you ever ask yourself, “I wonder….” then curiosity is in your blood – and that’s a good thing!


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