the year of you, day 300

Thursday, October 28, 2021 (Day 300)

Relaxing Music for the week: Loving Touch: Deuter (10:10) –

Question: What is the number one thing you can do today to feel more relaxed?

Answer: First of all, it’s amazing that we’re on Day 300 of this journaling thing. Even more amazing is that I’ve missed ONE DAY of doing this online journaling so far this year! I’ve been able to write a post on a question/topic for 299 of the 300 possible days. When I set out to do this, I thought I would miss a few days throughout the year, due to travel, work, or some other crazy commitment. I do know I have great discipline and work ethic to stick with things that matter, but this was something new and different. And now, posting #300 this year. This also means that there are only 65 more posts before the start of 2022. And I can tell you, I don’t plan to do this journaling every day thing in 2022!

So, the #1 thing I could do today to feel more relaxed is meditate – for a longer period of time. I’ll get in about 5 1/2 minutes in each of my classes today, but I feel that I need to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day for it to be most effective. So at some point today, maybe after my 11am-12pm class, maybe I’ll take 10 minutes to sit on the floor and put on some meditative music, like the selection listed above. As I think about the practices that I do for self-care, meditation is the one that I really want to focus on now to get myself ready for 2022.

Other Stuff

I read an article this morning that was MUCH different than the typical articles I’ve read on entrepreneurship. I would say that it’s a little more “out there” than most because it’s addresses an “abundance” mindset, which it a little more woo-woo for most entrepreneurs I know. Here’s the article:

As I read it, it made me wonder what would happen is people had an “abundance script” in their job. What would that look like? I would really like to take this approach in my next “job,” whatever that may be. If I’m lucky, it’s something that I create.


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