the year of you, day 317

Sunday, November 14, 2021 (Day 317)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: The Wisdom of Kindness: Liquid Mind (10:34) –

Question: What people, figures, or ideas have had the biggest impact on your spiritual life?

Answer: I can honestly say that Brian Johnson ( has had the most significant impact on my spiritual life, at least for the past 6 years. Although I have always believed in God, I never had much of a spiritual practice, other than working out. When I first started college, I did journal on a fairly regular basis, but not for a long stretched of time. In fact, it’s always fun to look back on my reflection of my first year of college, to see how much I have changed – and how much is still the same. Other than that, I can’t say that I had much of a spiritual practice or spiritual life. When I got connected with Brian Johnson’s work, where he shared his wisdom on meditation, journaling, movement/exercise, and the like, I decided that it was important to create a more spiritual life, one that connected with my soul a lot more. And I believe that I’ve been moving in that direction, first, incorporating several practices into my daily life and now, getting connected to a community (Unitarian Universalist) that believes in similar principles. On Wednesday, I’ll have the honor of having a one-on-one conversation with the minister at the Greensboro Church (Revered Sadie Lansdale); I love what she and this specific church shares as their covenant, but to also discuss how I might be able to share my work with the church. I feel that the Life Design Catalyst work aligns nicely with what they hope to achieve. Not for pay or recognition, just as my duty to the church. I’m looking forward to that conversation! Other than that, I can say that there have been anyone else that has had a significant impact on my spiritual life. I grew up Baptist, but I can’t say that I truly followed the religion, since I was just a kid. Didn’t practice any religion, although my first wife (Colleen) wanting the girls to be raised Catholic. Can’t say I was a fan, since the Catholic church wouldn’t marry us (Colleen and I) because I wasn’t willing to convert. Bah-humbug to them! Oh yeah…the other thing I really love about Reverend Sadie is that she shares poems and readings that inspire action vs bible verses. That’s definitely a plus for me.

Other Stuff

Here’s something a little different. Two days ago, I read an article about a woman who had just broke a record for the 100-meter run. It look her a little over a minute; sounds pretty slow – until you realize that she’s 105 YEARS OLD! Here’s the article:

Forget about running at 105 – just being ALIVE is a monumental achievement! And just a few years earlier, she did the same distance in 39 seconds! Absolutely amazing! What’s even funnier is that she started running when she was 100 because she couldn’t find any competition for cycling! So for those who say their too old to start running, maybe you need to have a chat with Hurricane Hawkins!


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