the year of you, day 336

Friday, December 3, 2021 (Day 336)

Relaxing Music for the week: Moment of Grace: Liquid Mind (10:57) –

Question: What advice do you think the 80-year-old version of yourself would have for the you of today?

Answer: The first thing that came to my head – “Your work isn’t done yet; you have SO much more to do.” It seems to be the nagging voice that’s resting on my shoulder right now, that you have more to do. I shared with several friends and our minister at church that God kept me on this planet because there’s still more for me to do. I’m sure it’s some aspect of Life Design Catalyst work, I’m just not sure what it is specifically I’m suppose to do. I’ll keep doing – whether it’s creating new tools, facilitating workshops and trainings, teaching classes, etc. Action supersedes planning, so I’ll let the planners plan the work and I’ll keep doing the work. It’s interesting…my friend Alli keeps reminding me to change my mindset (and she’s right); instead of thinking that “UNCG doesn’t want me or Life Design Catalyst work any more,” I need to change my mindset to “my growth is to share this work with everyone in the world.” So, it’s all a part of the plan for growth and expansion, not of limits and confinement. As I close my eyes and reflect, I think about a world where students, young and old, are empowered to control their destiny and define their path, instead of relying on others to construct their path based on their own biases. So, I need to keep being myself and doing the work – and with the grace of my dear friends and God, the right things will happen the right way. My work is FAR from being complete!

Other Stuff

As I’ve published this blog this year, those who’ve read my posts know that I’ve had some ups and downs this year, both personally and professionally. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only male struggling with these issues, since most of the people I hang around are women (it goes with the nature of my profession). This morning, I read a really good article that made me feel as if I’m not alone:

I believe most of us are struggling right now, especially males. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we are struggling because of the stigma that struggling = weak, which is not the case. Sometimes, life is just hard…and it’s always nice to know that we’re not alone, male or female.


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