the year of you, day 337

Saturday, December 4, 2021 (Day 337)

Relaxing Music for the week: Moment of Grace: Liquid Mind (10:57) –

Question: Where would you like to be in 20 years?

Answer: This question made me laugh because the first answer that came to mind was “alive” and the second one was “upright.” In 20 years, I’ll be 88+ years old – and that’s a pretty big number. If I were to live that long, I would be the longest living Johnson male that has ever lived. And that’s a big deal. I also still plan to do Life Design Catalyst work in some capacity, whether I’m doing trainings and workshops, writing, and/or something else. It would be AWESOME our Life Design Catalyst Studio was on a college campus, since students keep me feeling and thinking young. But even if it’s in a downtown community, that would work for me because we could easily partner with a college or two. Of course, in 20 years, it will be 2041, so I would imagine the “college campus” will most likely look a lot different than it does right now. It’s my hope that not only college is different, but it’s existence is different. During my workout this morning, watched a few Brian Johnson PN notes that I’ve read before; since then, the following article to write popped into my head: “College Education 2030: The Quest for a Meaningful Life,” where the foundation of  college is not getting a degree, but on pursuing character and purpose development. How about that for my work over the next 10 years?


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