the year of you, day 339

Monday, December 6, 2021 (Day 339) – Happy Birthday Bethany!

Relaxing Music for the week: Night Light: Liquid Mind (11:13) –

Question: If you lived each day as you did today, what do you think your future would look like?

Answer: What an interesting question. If I lived each day as I did today, my future would be as unclear in the future as it is today. Although it wasn’t a bad day, it’s wasn’t a particularly motivating day at work – at least not until the evening when I had the opportunity to facilitate a “find your why” session with the School of Health and Human Sciences’ Alumni Leadership Council. Although it was a small group, the participants that attended found the information extremely useful. We had some great extended conversations, which is always a plus. I hope that I get an opportunity to work with this group at some point in the future, that’s for sure. Other than that, I have two things I need to focus on – submitting my final grades and working on the workbook for the Life Design Catalyst Training for next week. If I was asked this question on Wednesday or Thursday, I bet I would have more interesting answers. For now, I just need to get through each day.


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