the year of you, day 359

Sunday, December 26, 2021 (Day 359)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Breathe: Liquid Mind (11:44) –

Question: What is something you’ve done or experienced in the past you don’t want to repeat in the future?

Answer: Before I answer the writing prompt, I just wanted to share that it’s the LAST WEEK of “The Year of You” Journaling. Hard to imagine that it’s finally coming to an end, considering how much has gone on in 2021. It’s been a joy to share so much with the world – and now, as I finishing up 2021, I have a few days to decide what I want to share through this blog for 2022.

So, if there’s something from my past that I don’t want to repeat in the future, it’s not doing something every day that’s moving me towards becoming the best version of myself. Although I believe I did this for the most part, I know there were times when I spend too, too much time just wasting away on my IPAD playing stupid games. I have these books sitting next to me as I’m writing this, knowing that there’s a ton of wisdom packed away. And instead of taking time to read a chapter or two, I spent more of my time playing online pinochle or word games, neither which moved me towards becoming better. In fact, I remember playing the word game for 3 hours one day, which could have easily been spent reading 1/3 of a book. I really need to think hard about the question, “Is what I’m about to do moving me forward into growth (+1) or backward into safety (-1). So after I finish this post and eat breakfast, I’m going to sit down and read for about an hour or two, then maybe head out and play 9 holes of golf, since it’s suppose to be 70 degrees today. And these are things that will move me towards being a better version of me.

Speaking of a better version of myself, my “fitness” year ended yesterday (Christmas Day). I had already mentioned that I achieved my “hard workout goal” in October (1,000 miles walking/elliptical, 3,000 miles indoor/outdoor cycling, 10,000 push-ups and sit-ups, and 5.5 million steps). So, I also set “soft fitness goals” once I hit my target – which I also hit. Here are my final stats for 2021:

  • 1,211.3 miles walking/elliptical
  • 3,625.6 miles indoor/outdoor cycling
  • 7,259.5 workout miles
  • 12,010 push-ups and sit-ups
  • 7,212,973 steps

And after reviewing my yearly totals, the thing that surprised me most is that I averaged over 19,800 steps per day – for an entire year! Makes me wonder if I can average 20,000 steps per day for an entire year – or whether I want to even try it! I know I’ll set my hard goal again, since that’s always something for me to move towards. I’ll be turning 59 early this year, so now I’m wondering if I desire to keep setting these crazy workout goals, since I have now completed 22 years of these crazy yearly workout goals. I may do this one more year, but once I turn 60, I may turn to other goals to achieve. We’ll see, especially since this year (2021) has been my 3rd most workout miles since I started this in 2000. To think that my two best totals were in my early and mid 40’s, to be able to achieve this in my late 50’s is pretty crazy. But the workouts are what drives me on a daily basis, so I keep going. In fact, I think it’s my best tool to deal with depression and anxiety, since I feel so much better when I know I got a workout in.

Here’s to kicking ass in 2022!


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