character resume challenge week 2…

Hello everyone!

If you’re interested, I’ve posted the Character Resume Challenge Week 2’s Activities – Strengths Assessments!

I would say that the Strengths Assessments this week have been valuable in identifying how I engage in the workplace. I realized the following:

  • I thrive in an autonomous work environment; just give me a project that’s aligned with my mission and I’m ready to take off!
  • Connections matter. I seem to work best when the workplace feels like family.
  • Over the years, part of the reasons why I’ve left previous position is that I challenge the status quo, then back it up with data. I think one of the assessments called it “confrontational.”
  • I believe in future possibilities, committed to taking others from good to great.
  • Creativity is king. I crave opportunities to create new tools and activities that lead to deeper dives into one’s life.
  • I’m a man of action, trying new things out constantly. If it works, let’s do more of it; if it doesn’t, change it or do something different. The longer you wait, the more the world passes you by.

So, if you get a chance, take the strengths assessments this week; you can find them here:

You might learn something new about yourself!

P.S. If you missed out on Week 1’s Activities (Personality Assessments), you can find the link here:

It’s so much fun learning about what makes you tick!


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