rules for a better life

I sent out the following message to my Men of Color students today, with the hope that a few might come up with their own set of “Rules for a Better Life.”
I want you to think about your “Rules for Living.” If you don’t know your rules for living or don’t have a set of rules, check out this set of “100 Rules for a Better Life” by Ryan Holiday:
Since coming up with 100 of your own rules might be a bit much, use his list to come up with 10-15 rules that YOU currently live by – or a set that you are willing to live by, starting today.
After reviewing the list, here’s what I came up with for myself (in no particular order):
  1. Read something every day. #5
  2. Strenuous exercise every day. #9
  3. Purpose, not passion. (One is about you, the other is about something bigger than you.) #40
  4. Know why you do what you do. #44
  5. “Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those who you are capable of improving” – Seneca #77
  6. Belief in yourself is overrated. Generate evidence. #62
  7. Ask yourself: How does this action I’m about to take affect other people? #54
  8. Have a philosophy. #32 (Then, live your philosophy.)
  9. Take walks. #29
  10. Remember: Nobody is thinking about you. They’re too busy thinking about themselves. #80
Many of these rules I practice already (reading something, strenuous exercise, live with purpose); a few others were definitely things I need to refresh in my life.
What would be your rules for living? Come up with your list and share them with me – or with others.

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