BHAG – Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Is there a really HUGE goal that you have for your business – or for yourself? Is there a goal that you want to achieve that’s SO big and scary that there’s a chance you might not succeed, But something so big that it gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

Imagine your life FIVE years from now…what would it look like? Personally and Professionally? If you were able to create a BHAG that was aligned with your core values, your strengths, your superpowers, and your life purpose, what would that look like?

If you’ve never heard of or don’t know much about BHAG’s, check out these articles:

After reading these two articles, I started to think about a 5-year BHAG, something that’s aligned with my purpose and passion that could change the world – or my little section of the world. Is there a BHAG that I could set that would change the trajectory of my work and my life over the next five years?

I started writing this blog post on Tuesday night (January 17, 2023); I’m going to take our dog Laci out for a walk, then sleep on it, with the hopes of creating a BHAG tomorrow (Wednesday). I know it’s something that’s going to evolve over the next few weeks, but it’s time to dream bigger and be bigger! Besides, what do I want my life to look like over the next five years – for my early to middle 60’s? I can honestly say, not doing what I’m currently doing, that’s for sure! More on Wednesday…

So now it’s Wednesday (January 18th)…and after working out and sleeping on it, I’ve come up with a BHAG. To preface, I’ve noticed that I’ve been in several really great conversations with Tribe members over the past couple of weeks, helping them incorporate LDC work in what they do. As I continue to help these wonderful people, I know that I want to expand the work – not just in higher education, but with other entities in communities that serve people as well, mainly non-profits. I’ve created this concept of “Communities of Greatness,” where Life Design Catalyst across the country are trained to do this work in their communities.

In our last LDC Training, I challenged participants with this question:

  • “Are you Committed to Mediocrity or are you Committed to Greatness?”

I would argue that a Commitment to Greatness has to start with purpose – to become the best version of yourself in service to something bigger than yourself – in order to make a positive difference in the world and create hope for a better future. If you think of GREAT people, who do you think of? Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr – and so many others. So, what if we could help EVERYONE in our communities become GREAT, as we help them explore and engage their purpose in positive ways? What would our communities look like then? (Hint: Not the mess that we have right now.) What if we could start doing this work at community colleges, where, along with getting college degrees, we helped people, young and old, create great lives? Instead of focusing on how to be successful students, why not expand that further and help them create better lives? Maybe that’s something that could get people to come back to college, not by implementing more degrees and certificates.

So, in five years, I would like to see North Carolina be the lead in creating Communities of Greatness, using Life Design Catalyst work to empower members of their communities to live with purpose! How’s that for a BHAG?

If you have any thoughts…or would like to share your five-year BHAG, please share.


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