increase income (benjamin hardy)

In many of the workshops and classes I’ve taught over the years, participants and students shared how they would like to increase their income and/or make money. For the ambitious few, they’ve take the time to implement many – if not all – of the strategies shared in the two videos below. Are you interested in increasing your income and making more money? Is it worth 27 minutes of your time to identify specific strategies to achieve your goal to have more money?

If so, check out these two Benjamin Hardy videos that could help change your mindset about making money. I’ve used the “6 Strategies…” video as part of my Side Hustle course; several students have shared how much this video changed their approach towards their side hustle – and life in general. If it worked for them, maybe it could work for you.

Don’t the titles of both videos pique your interest? Is it worth 27 minutes of your time to identify at least one or two nuggets that might help you make more money?

In the video “6 Strategies You NEED To Create A 6 Figure Income,” he shares these six strategies:

  1. Shift from an entertainment-based to education-based way of life. Become a massive learner.
  2. Shift from being a consumer to being a creator. Be good at something. Be good at failing. Be prolific instead of being perfect. Strive for mastery.
  3. Create and define the vision of your future self. Create a future self that’s different than your current self.
  4. Invest (money and time) in your future self.
  5. Stop worrying about what other people think. Surround yourself with people that represent your future self.
  6. Learn the basics about business, money, and marketing.

My favorite strategy is #1; I can honestly say that I have spent much less time on entertainment and much more time on education – and for me, it’s through reading and watching videos to improve my craft. Which strategy will you implement today?

In the video “9 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire in 2023,” he shares these nine strategies:

  1. You have to want it.
  2. You have to commit.
  3. Develop a keystone habit.
  4. Eliminate the 80%.
  5. Define your future self.
  6. Become value based.
  7. Have lots of time for learning.
  8. Failing as your future self.
  9. Be generous.

I’m really working hard on developing strategy #5, defining my future self. I have an idea, but not a specific picture. But it’s coming. I’ve created a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), so that’s a start in the right direction (see my post from yesterday for my BHAG – here’s the link:!

So, if you’re NOT making six-figures, you’re NOT a millionaire, and/or you want to make more money, why would you NOT watch these videos and try these strategies? What do you have to lose? After you watch the videos, then ask yourself, “What do I need to do – and what am I willing to do – to increase my chances to make more money?”

It’s a choice – to watch the videos and pick up strategies – or not watch the videos and stay stuck. You choose.


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