unproductive habits

Hello friends!

If you find that you don’t get anything done – or if you’re not as productive with your time as you could be, here’s an article by Darius Foroux that you might find REALLY interesting:

When I looked over the list, the two that stood out most for me were #3: Stubbornness and #8: Relying on Your Memory. They are definitely two that I need to work on right now! I’m also working on reducing the effects of #1: Overworking and #7: Saying Yes, meaning that I’m better at these two now than I was in the past.

What about you? Are there unproductive habits that are getting in your way? Are you willing to admit them? And are you willing to do something to change them?

It’s another one of those articles that really gets you to think about your life, doesn’t it?


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