bring on the learning revolution…

As I go through New Student Orientation this month, I think about another incoming class of first-year students coming to campus, wondering if they: (1) know what they are here to do, and (2) have any ideas what they expect from the institution.  Yesterday, after my colleague Jennifer and I finished speaking with the students and parents about our School (of Health and Human Sciences) at the Welcome Session, I came back to the office with a need – a need to watch Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Bring on the learning revolution” (find it here at:  I always feel ready to make a change after I watch this video!

The last time I watched this video, it inspired me to change my HHS125: Personal and Academic Success in Health and Human Sciences course this past Spring (2013) Semester.  In previous semesters, students completed the various self-awareness exercises and activities during class time (with brief discussions), then reflected on their work in personal journals outside of class for homework.  This past semester, I had them do the exercises, activities, and journaling outside of class, then used the class time for discussion/sharing the results and/or what they learned through the process with everyone on class.  What an enlightening experience for them – and for me!  To make a long story short, many of the comments made in class talked about feeling like part of a family – and this happened in two classes, each with around 15-20 students that met for 50 minutes a week once a week!  This experience became my attempts at a “learning revolution!”  So, for the Fall Semester, what will I do for an encore?  More on that in another post…

To see my HHS125 2013 Spring Semester course syllabus and course evaluations, visit

And if you have time, check out a couple of other great Sir Ken Robinson TED Talks that are pertinent to education and creativity:

And don’t forget to register for the “Educating for Purpose, Inspiring for Life” Conference in September; for more information, visit:

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