Posted in February 2014

words to live by…

The “Make College Matter” Manifesto My Declaration to Present and Future College Students by Bill Johnson, The Dream Dean Let go of the past – use it as a life lesson. Seek to find what motivates, drives, and inspires you. Discover your purpose in life – find your “why.” Identify your most heartfelt dreams and … Continue reading

wanna trade…day 6

I made a strategic move this morning; I’ve been looking at a plant for my office and I had a hunch that my dear friend Lane would be willing to trade one of her many plants for the butterfly.  She was MORE than happy to oblige with my little project!  So, she now has the … Continue reading

wanna trade…day 5

I skipped Day 4 trading due to spending most of my Saturday on campus doing a presentation, connecting with a few old friends, shopping at Edward McKay (a used bookstore with stores in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC), then going out to a nice dinner with my dear wife Rebecca.  As a side note, my … Continue reading

wanna trade…day 3

Well, the portable dry erase board didn’t last very long!  Went to visit my friend Pat Combs at UNCG; I had a hunch that she would have something to trade because she’s a lot like me – lots of odds and ends (like toys and trinkets) in her office!  Sure enough, she had a bottle … Continue reading

wanna trade…day 2

So, for this binder clip exercise, I decided that my ultimate goal would be to get at least one free airline ticket for a trip to Philadelphia, to visit many of my dearest friends (of course, after all of the bad weather).  The binder clip is now history! Day 2:  My first trade was with … Continue reading

Wanna trade…day 1

I’m BACK! After taking off for a few months, I decided it was time to start writing again! To be short and sweet, I got burnt out – on life! Too many commitments, too many things to do, too much on my plate! It got to the point where writing became a chore! But now … Continue reading