how to break 100…90…80

We’ll be covering personal core values this week, but I thought I would give a preview on one of my core values in this blog post.

To know me is to understand that my personal core values are what guide my life.  They are what guide my actions and decisions on a daily basis.  My MOST IMPORTANT personal core value is Fitness/Health/Exercise.  I’ll share how that comes into play later this week.

Last year, after I decided that tennis was too hard on my body, I decided to pick up the game of golf again in July 2017 – after being away from the game for about 10-11 years.  In my first round last year (luckily by myself), I shot a 121 at one of the local courses.  That SUCKS!

After that first round, I decided to set my end of year goal to break 100 – which I did in about a month.  Once I was able to achieve that goal, I revised it to: (1) shoot consistently in the 90’s and (2) to see if I could break 90.  I shot in the 80’s on three different occasions, with the lowest being an 82.

This year, after a miserable Spring of league tennis play, I decided to stop playing tennis and commit to becoming a better golfer.  I set my goal to shot in the 90’s 50% of the time and the 80’s 50% of the time – which I have been able to surpass.  This July, I decided to raise the stakes and see if I could: (1) break 40 for 9 holes, and (2) break 80 at least once.  I haven’t been able to do either yet; I’ve shot 40 for 9 holes on 6 different occasions and have shot 82 on 4 different occasions.  Getting closer.

I’m sharing this because a lot of my free time has been spent practices and playing golf.  So if you’re trying to find me or wonder why I haven’t written, I’m borderline obsessed with my two goals.  Hurricane Florence hasn’t helped with my practice schedule, but I’ve at least had the opportunity to swing and putt a little bit in my basement.

Anyway, for all of you golfers out there, I found a couple of awesome resources that may help you achieve your goals of breaking 100…90…or 80.  I’ll include the links below if you’re interested in a plan to get there.

Thanks for listening – and good luck!

How to Break 100

How to Break 90

How to Break 80


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