before you give up

This week, we’re finishing up the last of our “Self-Awareness” activities.  Two weeks ago, we focused on personality (Myers-Briggs, Holland code, and Enneagram); last week, students explored their values (personal core, desired work, and lifestyle).  This week, we’re focused on strengths – character (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement (Clifton Strengthsfinder).  We’re also exploring a new strengths assessment: HIGH5 (  Big plus in my book – it’s free.

Anyway, I was looking up videos to talk about the importance of self-awareness and came across this video by Mel Robbins.  I love her style and her message – and this video is so Mel.  You can check it out here:

I’m trying to decide whether to show this video right before they leave for Fall Break, to wait until the end of the semester, or to show both times.  It’s another powerful message that I want to present to students; most will ignore it, but a small few will embrace her message.  Sometimes it takes a while for messages to synthesize in a person’s brain and/or their soul.

Remember, it’s all up to YOU!

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