the year of your, day 58

Saturday, February 27, 2021 (Day 58)

Meditation Music: Through My Eyes: Liquid Mind (6:45) –

Question: Think back to an important world event. Where were you when it happened, what were you doing?

Answer: The first thing I thought of was 9/11, when the two planes brought down the Twin Towers in New York City. I had to teach a class at 9:00am that morning and was getting ready for class (at the College of New Jersey). I remember one of my students telling me that one of the Towers were on first, so I decided to pull it up on the screen in class. Sure enough, one of the Towers were on fire, but they weren’t sure what happened. As we’re watching, we see the second Tower get hit by a plane…and then we heard that both were hit by planes. Instead of going through class material, we decided to watch what was happening in New York City. I decided to let class out early, so they could watch in the comfort of their own homes. One student shared that his father worked in the Tower, so he wanted to make sure to find out he was okay (he was). Several of my colleagues came in the class to watch with me, sharing how they knew people who worked there (I was in the School of Business at the time), so they were sending prayers there way. It was surreal…when you think of the Towers as the mainstays in New York City – and they would both come down within 2 hours. Of course, we then heard of the crash at the Pentagon; needless to say, it was a crazy, crazy day. Talk about memories…that was an event that was really easy to remember and one that I will always remember.

Other Stuff

I thought I would share an article that’s a little different, like all articles from one of my favorite authors, Mark Manson. His writing is very much “in your face,” where he uses crassness and cusswords to break you out of your patterns. I’m teaching several classes this semester; now that we’re two days away from starting our 3rd month of 2021 (March, in case you didn’t know), I noticed that a few haven’t done ANY of the work! It boggles my mind that they’ve decided not to do anything, but I get it because I was that way in college. I ALWAYS procrastinated on ALL of my school work! (And still do.) But unlike back then, there’s a lot of resources out there to help with life “stuff.” Here’s one of my favorites – it’s about making decisions. If you’d like to improve your decision-making skills, check out this article:

Warning, he does use profanity in the article…my advice to you is to just deal with it. I hope you can at least get one nugget from it!


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